About Us


We are Love is Free, two psychology students with the goal of inspiring the world to act kindly and love passionately.

We live in a world fuelled with negativity, and the only way to fight this is through positivity. As a collective, we really can make a difference to lives – whether that be telling the waitress at the coffee shop that you love her nails, or taking time out to give back to a community through volunteer work, love really is free to give. So often we find ourselves rushing through life and missing the beauty of it, we focus on what we hate about ourselves and others, and forget to put emphasis on the things we love. The aim of this site is to inspire you to give small acts of kindness, and show you how much better it can make you and others feel.

If you want to get involved in changing the word, click the ‘Be Inspired’ button and have a read. We hope you enjoy reading our posts and feel inspired in yourself to make a change! If you have a story to share, or a comment to make about a post, please feel free to express yourself here on this site.